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An Italian Paper History of Graffiti Writing and Street Art
ISBN 978-2-37192-003-3

Published by LO/A Edition et Le Grand Jeu
Texts Christian Omodeo, Bruno Messina
A.D & Design Maxime Dubois
English Translation Tara Dominguez
Photography Maxime Dubois
Project Coordinator Simona Scarcella

June 2014
© 2014, LO/A Edition pour cette édition

Technical Details
207 x 272 mm,
188 pages
Language: English and French
Edition of 500

This catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition Crossboarding - An Italian Paper History of Graffiti Writing and Street Art - curated by Christian Omodeo and organized by LO/A (Library of Arts), Thematic Bookstore and Gallery, and Le Grand Jeu, digital playground.

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From September 16 to October 2, Library of Arts and Le Grand Jeu present “Crossboarding”, highlighting Italy’s infatuation with Graffiti Writing and Street Art from the ‘60s through the present day.

The result of a colossal research project by curator Christian Omodeo, co-founder of Le Grand Jeu, “Crossboarding: An Italian Paper History of Graffiti Writing and Street Art” is a journey through an Italy passionate for urban art. From exhibition catalogues to magazines, photo books, and academic papers, the works profiled in the exhibition echo the country’s deep interest in Graffiti Writing, urban writing, Street Art, and “muralism”, starting with Sardinia’s colourful walls.

Collecting an ensemble of works published in Italy or by Italians on the subject, the exhibition catalogue is a veritable bible of urban art, presenting 120 publications selected by Christian Omodeo. Each notice is accompanied by photos, a description of the book’s contents, and a bibliographic notation. An exhaustive biblography completes the catalogue, bearing witness to the appearance and expansion of movements, their development towards legitimacy, and their role in the debate around urban art forms.
Like its catalogue, the exhibition also celebrates the dynamism of a local scene relatively unknown in France.

Why Italy? Simply because the country has proven to be a pioneer, often at the very avant-garde of the urban art movements. The exhibition and its catalogue chronicle Italian Graffiti Writing and Street Art’s touchstone moments, each bearing an effect that has been felt beyond the country’s borders. The two first books on American graffiti were written by two Italians in the early ‘70s, one in Los Angeles and one in New York; Italian curator and art critic Francesca Alinovi, at the end of the decade, championed the first institutional exhibiton in Europe dedicated to Graffiti Writing, a movement followed by galleries and publishers, who early on began publishing works on major American figures in the genre (Phase II, Chaz Bojoroquez, Barry McGee, Aaron Rose…).

Francesca Alinovi was also one of the first to recognize the capacity of urban artistic practices to engage in “crossboarding”, moving beyond the frontiers. Standing at the border of art, these forms pushed the limits and dealt with the constant questioning of their legitimacy. Graffiti Writing and Street Art also played with geographic frontiers, and with the arrival of the Internet created a space for debates between artists on a global scale.

Biography of Christian Omodeo
Christian Omodeo is a Franco-Italian art historian specializing in urban art practices. After receiving his doctorate from the University of Paris-Sorbonne and working at the l’Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, he now splits his time between teaching and curation. He founded Le Grand Jeu in 2012.

Curator Christian Omodeo
Visual Art Maxime Dubois
General Coordinator Jeanne Holsteyn
Photo Credits Maxime Dubois

Pratical Infos
LO/A (Library of Arts)
17 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris, France
Tel : +33(0)9 83 75 91 08
Métro : Temple

Opening Hours
Tue > Fri : 11am > 7pm
Sat : 2pm > 7pm
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Through testimonies and photos gathered on their journey in November 2006, Pierre Mérimée and Jacques Denis draw the portrait of a post-Intifada generation, a generation raised after the Palestinian uprisings that shook the region in 1987 and 2000. We join them as they follow DAM, the rap group the journalists initially met in London and who sparked their desire to learn more. Tracing the movement, we meet MWR’s Mahmoud Shalabi, the girls of Arapyot, and the “veterans” on the scene, including Said Mourad, the voice of the first Intifada. Palestinians, Israelis, Arab-Israelis, undocumented Jordanians... each embody the incongruous, complex reality of a territory where identities are fractured. Intifada Rap is a clear image of a generation still fighting for peace and change, far from a call to arms.

Technical Details
Retail Price: 39€
215 x 280 mm,
250 pages, En/Fr, 154 images
ISBN: 978-2-37192-002-6
Publication Date: June 2014
Limited edition of 1000 numbered prints
Publisher : LO/A Edition


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Stage set for the exhibition "West is the best" curated by Joran Briand

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What if “slipping between the folds of the wave”, “being welcomed into the flow rather than forcing your way in”, could be the seed for a philosophy of life? What if, from the ancestral custom of riding great waves on a board, was born a trend counting sobriety, economy of means, patience, and the strength of longer time-scales as its core values? What if the practice of surfing made us realize that we really are living in an environment that is also alive? What if playing with the phenomenal power of the Ocean was an homage tinged with humility and elevation, which could be the foundation for a balanced relationship with nature? What if ocean, surf, beach, skate, California and the whole beach-culture ideal were more than just clichés? What if a part of the European youth, often described as depressed, in a perpetual quest for themselves, could find their way to the ocean as an antidote for urban stifling? What if these personal questionings were actually political and ecological?

Joran Briand, on the faith of this hypothesis, took up his board, his filming gear and his camera, hopped on a plane, then another plane… and went surveying the American West Coast to test its validity. There, he met with artists and creators whose work and way of life are deeply influenced by their practice of surfing. Why California? It’s the epicenter of modern surf culture, a place that welcomed the first Polynesian pioneers and led them through to the world. At a stupendous speed, the movement went on to weaving its networks everywhere around the globe. California is the beginning of the journey…


Creative direction for Nazareth Paris Trois
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Just 27 years old, Mathieu César has already found his aesthetic footing in timeless black and white and established himself in the cultural sphere. Published by LO/A Edition, Vers l’infini et au delà is the first book by the photographer, diving into a distinctive world with illusory scenes.

Technical Details
Retail Price: 54€
Paperback with Case
300 x 420 mm
180 pages, French, 57 images
ISBN : 978-2-37192-001-9
Publication Date: March 2014
Limited edition of 1000 numbered books
Publisher : LO/A Edition


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LO/A and Coltesse have partnered for the exhibition “The Faith of Street”, paying homage to hip hop's founding father DJ Kool Herc
Gallery, creative studio, bookshop and publishing house LO/A Paris is hosting an exhibition and curated selection of books dedicated to hip hop culture. To mark the occasion, Coltesse has produced an exclusive T-shirt honouring Kool Herc: inspired by the invitation the DJ created for the world's first block party, held in New York in 1973, the T-shirt honours “the birth” of hip hop.

T-shirt, limited edition of 50, available at LO/A
17 rue Notre Dame de Lazareth
75003 Paris, France
or on the Coltesse website

LO/A Thematic Bookstore Project

Global Concept :
Maxime Dubois & Jeanne Holsteyn (LO/A)

Furnitures :
Conception - Eric Van de Walle and Jules Cairon
Production - the design collective Perron et Frères

Resin shelf :
Le Creative Sweatshop

Photographer © Alexandra Mocanu

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Gaultier Noir Branding

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Book about text message conversation between 2 persons.

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